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De Klerk must suffer – Malema

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EFF leader Julius Malema says former president FW de Klerk deserves to suffer in jail instead of criticising him for calls he’s made for the appropriation of land without compensation.

Malema addressed supporters outside the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on Monday following his brief court appearance for the contravention of the Riotous Assemblies Act. This was the second such appearance. His first appearance was in Newcastle on November 7.

“Who is De Klerk to lecture me?” Malema asked.

“Why must I listen to a murderer,” asked Malema, who paused in disgust before making the statement.

He hit out at the apartheid-era president saying he would never listen to De Klerk.

Malema said De Klerk never paid for crimes against black people during his time as leader of South Africa.

‘Justice is the return of land’

“De Klerk must, every evening when he sleeps, pray that Malema must never be a president of South Africa. If I become president I will lock up De Klerk for crimes committed against black people for a very long time,” said Malema.

De Klerk has requested a meeting with the Human Rights Commission of South Africa over remarks Malema made in Newcastle.

Malema said he did not introduce the concept of reconciliation.

“I am not for reconciliation, I am for justice. There is no reconciliation without justice and justice is the return of land.”

Malema said the EFF was coming for Afrikaner “boys”, claiming the ANC had allowed them to continue enjoying privilege.

“When we take over power Afrikaner males, you will know your place, just pray to your ancestors [DF] Malan, pray to [Hendrik] Verwoed. Just ask them for the EFF not to come into power,” said Malema.

White people ‘crybabies’

He said the EFF was not scared of Afrikaners in South Africa and could take them on “toe to toe” “politically, ideologically and otherwise”.

“We are not scared of Afrikaners. This is not your land, you must know your place, you are visitors here,” he said.

Malema said the length of a visitor’s stay depended on their conduct.

“If you continue to misbehave, feeding our people to lions, putting them in coffins while they are still alive, then you are applying for something else,” be warned he said.

Malema called on white people to stop being crybabies, telling them that they are scared because they know what they had done to their black counterparts.

“You are troubled because of what you have done to us because you think we are like you. We are not like you, no white man will be driven to the sea. We…need you to see black people prospering.”

[Source: News24]
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